Dual Career Job Search

Now also in English: information regarding dual career options in Heidelberg:

In 2009, a number of research facilities in Heidelberg founded the “Dual Career” networking group. The main goal for all members (German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg, EMBL Heidelberg,Max Planck Institute Heidelberg, Heidelberg University of Education, SRH Heidelberg, University of Heidelberg, University Hospital Heidelberg) is to support in the best possible way dual career couples moving to Heidelberg.

A career in science poses special challenges not only for the academics themselves, but also for their partners and famlies. Mobility including job changes and stays abroad are required. Thus, it is very important to offer support to scientists, specialists or managers by also assisting their families. Dual Career support primarily means supporting the continuation of the partner’s professional career in Heidelberg. Many employers also offer assistance with e.g. childcare or relocation issues.

The members of the task group have agreed to support each other with dual career applications. On the basis of a shared structure they provide transparent and direct access to their relevant job offers.  The following links will lead you directly to the job portals of the cooperating employers.

In addition, short profiles of the collaborating employers can be found in the sidebar. Here, dual career partners can find information about the individual institutions and companies. Please first contact the contact person at the institution where your partner is working before contacting the institution you might like to apply for. They will be able to support the partners on an individual basis.

Due to the success of the “Dual Career” working group over the years, other employers from outside the science community have also joined the network. Should your company also be interested in a collaboration, please contact the coordinator of the working group, Bärbel Welsch, Personnel Development at the University of Heidelberg at welsch@uni-heidelberg.de.